All You Should Know About Mutual Funds KYC

Any aspiring mutual fund investor must fill the KYC for mutual fund form. Know your customer, abbreviated KYC, is a process that any potential investor has to undergo simply to grant the mutual fund company an understanding of the investor. Filling the mutual fund KYC forms is mandatory and one of the most important factors you have to consider, alongside your returns on investment, performance of mutual funds and type of investment for healthy investment.

As a form of identification and the best way to collect vital information about the investor, KYC helps curb cases of fraud, identity theft, financing of terrorism activities and money laundering. Mutual funds KYC forms are therefore very important and globally used by banks and financial institutions such as CAMS KRA to identify and understand their customers.

KYC Compliance

As you think about investing in mutual funds, you must download and fill the KYC for mutual funds forms, which have to accompany the investment application forms. Any investment application without appropriate KYC acknowledgement will automatically be rejected. Not every application is however approved because they are carefully scrutinized for compliance. Some of the documents that have to be submitted to CVL, an advanced stage of Central Depository Services limited that have to be issued include the PAN card, duly filled KYC application form, proof of residence such as passport, some utility bill or a signed letter from the secretary of a housing society.

Upon submission of all the required documents, the institution embarks on a KYC verification process. On approval, you are free to invest in mutual funds of your choice.

It is important to point out that KYC application is mainly reserved for the following cases;

  • New purchases or switch transactions
  • Registration of systematic investment plan
  • Registrations of DTP and related products
  • Registration of STP alongside similar products.

It is important to note that first-time investors are supposed to submit the KYC for mutual funds forms before they are allowed to invest. Registration is easy as it can be completed online through SEBI registered KRAs such as CAMS KRA. As you seek to multiply your money through mutual funds, it is recommended that you share accurate and easily verifiable information in your mutual fund KYC forms. Once verified, you are free to invest in any mutual fund of your choice without necessarily filling the forms again.

How to buy Just the Right Leather Bag for Women Online

A woman's wardrobe is incomplete without a decent leather bag. This is the ultimate solution to 90% of ladies' problems because they stock their belongings and also brings out their fashion sense. There are many types of leather bags for women you can purchase online. However, buying ladies bags online can be challenging to some, especially for first time shoppers. To get you started and ensure that you make the right choice, here is a simple guide.

Size Matters

There are many things a woman cannot leave the house without. This means that you should buy leather bags online that are big enough to accommodate your stuff without breaking it. While at it, don't end up with a bag the size of a small suitcase that you will end up sweating when carrying it around. Find spacious but easy-to carry leather bags for women from reputable stores such as Viari, they always have something for everyone.


The material used to make leather bags for women has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure within. No one wants the bottom of the bag to give in to pressure, dropping the content in the streets as you rush to a meeting. Fashion items are expensive and therefore require a versatile leather bag that will guard them selfishly.


Leather bags online come in different designs, shapes, colors and price tags. To look really chic, be ready to cough a few extra coins to get the best. Most people desire pure leather bags for women but cannot afford them. You can get really superior quality faux leather bags at a fraction of the cost of the real leather counterparts; some imitations are pretty good.

Personal Style

What is your personal style? Purchase ladies bags online that will complement your lifestyle and fashion sense. Don't purchase on impulse because you risk accumulating bags that you will rarely use. Think about work and what you frequently wear, especially the coats and jackets. How do you prefer to dress for dinner and what kind of bag will complement your wardrobe?

Body Shape and Size

It is important to buy leather bags online for women that accentuate your body figure. This doesn't necessarily mean that if you have a full-figure you have to equally find a larger bag all the time. Instead, it should be determined by your intended outcome. Curvy women can attract more attention to the curves by wearing detailed or light colored leather bags for women that is allowed to freely fall on the area.

In your shopping for leather bags online, ensure that you truly understand the type of product you are purchasing. Go through the product descriptions just to be sure that indeed it is the bag that you have been waiting for. If done right, you can get any type of leather bag online. There are many guides and tips on online stores such as Viari you can always visit at your convenience.

Apartments Flats for Sale in Mandaveli, Chennai

If you are someone looking for the height of luxury in Chennai, then Saraswati by Harmony Homes is the perfect fit for you. Read on to learn more about why this project is one you can’t pass by.

 Located at New No. 3, Second Trust Cross Street, Mandaveli, Chennai- 600 028, near St. John's Senior Secondary School, supermarkets, banks, hospitals and temples, this the best location in Chennai. This unique residential complex features only one 2835 sq.ft apartment per floor, making it a very peaceful environment to live in.

 In terms of common areas, here’s what you have to look forward to: A fully landscaped area to please any gardener, 24 hour power backups, a storage area in the stilts, lift, rain water harvesting, video security systems and two covered car parks. If that isn’t enough, check out the list of amenities below.

 With a 6 foot tall designer brick wall with pillars, arches and pergolas at gate locations as well and ornamental cladding, there will be no mistaking this complex for anything other than a landmark.

 Common lighting and storage safe for all owners means that you’ll have a great sense of security. There is also a watchman’s kiosk, security intercom, video security systems, secure swipe card lobby access and CCTV inside the complex. Saraswati is as secure as a residential building can be.

 In addition to all the security features, there is rain water harvesting to conserve water and designer concrete tiles on the exterior of the building.

 Utilities? We have you covered. There are gas leak alarms, a DTH facility, and shamiana rings and clothesline on the terrace.

 For shoe lovers, there is an 8 feet by 3 feet shoe rack inside each flat, areas for hanging clothes, a key hanger for your house key and a decorative door name description so your visitors will always know they’re in the right place.

 Have we piqued your interest? Do you want to own one of four exclusive premium apartments in Saraswati today? Contact Harmony Homes now for more information.

Ecommerce Website Development Company

Ready to work with the best ecommerce website development company in the industry? You are in the right place as our business is here to offer you reliability, professionalism and great results in one amazing package. We know how important it is for you to generate more revenue from your business and having the best ecommerce website design is a mandatory thing you have to focus on.

Custom ecommerce website creation

If you truly want to stand out with your ecommerce website, the best approach is to start it from scratch. Sure, it does require more work than having a template based one, but it also delivers personality. That’s what most companies lack so if you provide a site which oozes personality the results will certainly be paying off at the end of the day which is what matters the most. Plus, the attention to detail we deliver to every project certainly recommends us as being one of the best ecommerce website development company solutions that you can find on the market, you can rest assured of that.

Always focused on a great user experience

The user experience is what matters the most because if customers are happy they will always come back. If you want to generate return business you have to show your customers that there’s a lot of value to be had here and all they have to do is to unlock it. Don’t hesitate to work with our ecommerce website development company if you want high quality experiences for your customers! We always study the market and help you obtain tangible, professional results so if you want a great outcome all you have to do is to work with us and we will happily assist.


Adding in specific features is important for each ecommerce website because no two sites like this are the same. It’s all about focusing on quality and on having a great user experience because that’s what matters the most at the end of the day. Our ecommerce website development company focuses on website functionality and delivery the best possible results in a simple, refined and exciting package that will help your business evolve. We will also help you streamline your business all so that you can get the ecommerce website in line with your needs.


If you feel that using a specific platform is not enough and you want more, then our ecommerce website development company can help you with that. We will help you obtain an incredible, very good user experience that you will not miss all while integrating those extensions that really matter. You should always try to boost the user experience the best way you can and with these simple extensions the results can be very good.

Great focus on search marketing and SEO

Our main focus is to help you generate more leads, but our ecommerce website development company will also work with SEO and search marketing in mind as well. Finding the proper solutions is very important and it can deliver a very good value, all you have to do is to keep that in mind. Rest assured that all our ecommerce websites are fully optimized for SEO right from the start, something that helps you save a lot of money as a result. It’s a great experience and one that you do not want to miss.

Great conversion rates

By working with us you will be able to access great conversion rates because our main goal when creating ecommerce websites is to make them user friendly suitable for generating leads. So, if you want better results from your ecommerce website you are certainly in the right place.

Don’t hesitate and work with us right away, we are the best ecommerce website development company in Chennai and we can help you boost the results of your ecommerce business right away. Work with us right now and you will not be disappointed.


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